Burrata Bomb

Decadent Italian eating at it’s best! Be the star of the next potluck with this fantastic messy appetizer…Pairs beautifully with a big Italian red wine.

Serves: A Crowd
Ready In: 15 minutes


1 round loaf Italian Calabrese bread

6 slices prosciutto, chopped

2 cups diced tomatoes

½ cup finely chopped arugula

¼ cup olive oil

2 tbsp minced fresh basil

1 clove garlic, minced

250g Burrata cheese

2 tbsp balsamic reduction

Cooking Instructions:

Cut a circle out of the round loaf leaving 1-inch perimeter and not cutting through the bottom. Remove circle and cube bread for serving.

Meanwhile, in small frying pan over medium high heat, sauté prosciutto until crispy; set aside.

In medium bowl combine, tomatoes, arugula, olive oil, basil and garlic; set aside until ready to assemble.

To assemble, place hollowed loaf on serving platter, drizzle with balsamic reduction and set cheese in centre; top with tomato mixture and sprinkle with crispy prosciutto.

Serve with extra bread and a couple knives to release the delicious creamy filling and spoons to scoop and load onto the torn bread!