October 10 2012 - It's Crocktober!

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There is nothing more delicious than coming home to the smell of a meal that has been slow cooking all day and is ready to eat…

As Crocktober begins, our busy routines are in full swing. With no more relaxing cottage vacays, our lives are now about packing lunches and getting the kids off to hockey practice on time. What our new hectic schedule usually leads to is the 6pm question of “what’s for dinner?”
But with a Crockpot you no longer have to worry about that! Most of their recipes only take about 10 minutes to prepare and you just have to throw everything in the pot before heading out the door in the morning. And the best part? Coming home to wafts of savory spices and tender, juicy chicken.

This week I made Crockpot Butter Chicken. It was super fast and easy and I even made little bags of the spice mixture to be one step ahead for next time. It cooked on low all day and by dinnertime it was ready to eat. The time I would have spent cooking that evening was spent enjoying a sit-dpwn meal with the family. Good thing I doubled the batch as we had some “our-kitchen-is-being-renovated” guests pop in!


KK Tip: Brown your chicken on the stove top before putting in the Crockpot to keep the meat from drying out. Then deglaze the pan with a little bit of chicken stock or water. Scrape up the tiny bits off the bottom of the pan and add the mixture to the Crockpot for extra flavor.

you can get the recipe here

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