September 26 2012 - Cool New Health Food Trends

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This passed weekend Kitchen Konnected stopped by the Canadaian Health Food Association (CHFA) Show. There we spent the entire weekend trying out new health food products and getting to know the people and their stories behind the product. We chose some of our favorites, and over the next 6 weeks we will be featuring them on local morning shows. 

First up is today is Flexi Lexi, and she chose to showcase her favorite new health food trends. No more baked potato chips or flower sweetened ice teas, Flexi Lexi got the scoop on what's hot in the health foodie world and she will be sharing it today on Daytime Ottawa.


Brad's Raw Foods makes kale chips that are out of this worlds. Instead of the regular potato chip, kale chips are dehydrated at a low temperature in order to keep all of the live enzymes and nutrients alive and available for your body when you eat them. They have the perfect satisfying crunch to them and Brad makes 5 different yummy flavors - naked, natural ranch, vampire killer, nasty hot, and his newest flavor pina kale-ada. Also, since they are green then you know that they are good for you!

Lotus Fine Foods is made in Canada and was created by a mother who wanted a clean and healthy breakfast alternative for her kids and herself. Her granola is 100% gluten free, vegan, naturally sweetened, and has no added nuts. It's main ingredient in quinoa, which is a high protein, high energy grain alternative. Eat a handful out of the bag as a snack, or sprinkle it on some yogurt in the morning, Lotus granola is one tasty breakfast!

Organic Meadow has just launcged it's line of greek yogurts. Twice the protein of regular yogurt, greek yogurt has a rich, creamy texture that will satisfy any craving. Organic Meadow greek yogurt is completely organic and free of gelatins and milk protein concentrates. It is made from 100% milk and is 100% delicious! Eat it on it's own or sprinkle some granola on it!


Enerjive Quinoa Skinny's are a great new alternative to your regular cracker. The quinoa makes them a high protein, low carb snack that will keep you going until your next meal.They are made with top quality ingredients, completely plant-based, and free of all common allergens like gluten, corn, soy, etc. The nutty, earthy flavor are great eaten with local cheeses, nut butters, or on their own as a quick snack.

Kombucha has been around for centuries, but is just becoming popular again thanks to brands like Tonica. Tonica Kombucha is the first Canadian company to bottle kombucha. Kombucha is totally raw, full of live enzymes and probiotics, which makes it a drink perfect for digestion, increased energy, and hangovers. It is also great for the liver! It's bubbly like champagne, and comes in lots of different flavors, low in sugar and calories.


Cocos Pure makes the most delicious coconut water around. They use young thai coconuts, which are smaller and much more flavorful. Coconut water is like a natural sports drink, replenishing you with electrolyes and hydration with every sip. Definately a better beverage alternative!


BLK is a beverage company that has hit the markets with their black water. They use 100% Canadian Spring water, but what makes it black is the fulvic acid that they add to it. Fulvic acid is a form of plant matter that is composed of over 77 different trace minerals. It is very alkalanizing to the body, with a pH of 9+. Other great benefits include antixodiants, detoxification, and cell rejuvenation. Take a sip and "enjoy the dark side".

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