on Iber Road spent quite a bit of time pulling slabs and helping us to find the perfect pieces. HanStone's "Chantilly" had the PURE white with subtle elegance and charcoal veining that we fell in love with. The fact that it is Canadian made is a huge bonus.... I also needed to learn about why to choose quartz over granite and marble (besides appearances) and I was happy to learn this...

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August 28 2018 - Why HanStone Quartz?

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Why HanStone Quartz?

Durable, long lasting
Scratch resistant
Stain resistant – 99% of any surface stain will come out using simple methods as indicated in the HanStone Care and Maintenance guide – see here:
Heat resistant 
Easy to maintain

Supporting Facts:

HanStone quartz is comprised of up to 93% natural quartz combined with resins and pigments that goes through an engineered process using leading Italian Breton Technology. This results in durable non porous, stain & scratch resistant slabs in a beautiful variety of patterns and colours.
Difference between granite, marble and quartz – quartz does not have to be sealed where as other surfaces such as marble need to be sealed every year, as they can be soft and highly susceptible to surface stains. Surfaces like marble can etch easily with anything acidic and can bruise if something is dropped on it. Quartz is far more durable and is a far more low maintenance option that still offers the aesthetic of marble and or granite.
Quartz is readily available whereas granite and marble availability can depend on resources
HanStone offers a lifetime residential warranty on their product

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