November 21 2012 - Adopting Your Own Olive Tree Means Fresh Olive Oil Right To Your Door

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written by Flexi Lexi

On my latest trip of paroozing around Chapters' home section with a skinny egg nog latte in hand...because who really goes there to buy books anymore??...I stumbled across this tiny little can of olive oil. I'm pretty sure this is the coolest thing that I have ever seen!


Nudo's Olive Oil has a program where you go online (www.nudo-italia.com), choose a tree, and ADOPT it so you can recieve olive oil from that very same tree every season. Amazing right?! There are over 12 different groves to choose from. You get to read all about the history and description of the groves, the different tasting notes, and the farmers themselves. 


I chose a tree on the Aleandri grove (pictured above). The olive oil produced here has notes of grass and herbs with a peppery finish. It is also organic. Now I can expect a bottle made from my very own tree to be sent to me once every 3 months. I don't think that you could make this Foodie much more happier than right now :)

The website also gives you an option to adopt a tree as a gift. With the holiday season upon us, this is the perfect hostess gift or present for under the tree. It's very practical with a special, personal touch.


While I wait for my own olive oil, I picked up one of Nudo's at Chapters/Indigo to try at home. I got the one infused with basil and made a simple caprese salad as a light lunch for one. It was divine. They also make Itlaian chocolates and pastas which I cannot wait to try. 



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