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Chicken Korma for Henry Burris!

Chicken Korma on CTV Ottawa Morning Live

Happy New Year with Pho!

Talking Left Overs!

Pumpkin Cooking For Dessert!

Pumpkin Cooking For Dessert!

Asparagus Season is Here Again!

Quick & easy recipes with this seasonal favourite.

Nutrition Month with Flexi Lexi!

Find out all the trendy ways to sneak more nutrition into your diet

Fast & Easy Quinoa Salad for Lunch

Korey whips up a delicious, nutritious quinoa salad

Juicing with Flexi Lexi

Flexi Lexi shows us her secret Green Juice recipe on CTV Ottawa Morning Live

Neal Brothers Game Day Chili

watch Korey & Peter Neal cook up some game day eats!

Cooking with Quinoa

watch and see why Korey loves quinoa!

Pork Dumplings on CTV Ottawa Morning Live

Learn how to make Korey's fave holiday party appetizer!

Savoury eats with the sweetness of Medjool Dates!

Korey cooks up some great apps with Bard Valley Medjool Dates

Apple Brown Betty in the Crockpot!

Korey & Kurt make a yummy crockpot dessert on CTV Ottawa Morning Live

Crockpot on CHEX 5 O'Clock Show

catch Korey on the last leg of her Crockpot tour in her hometown!

It's world egg month!

how to tell the difference between a hard boiled and a fresh egg.

Juicing with Leafy Greens

Watch Flexi Lexi juice up some "chard"onnay!

Fall Foods

Korey + Kurt cook up some Mexican inspired Fall dishes

Florida Grapefruit

how to cut a grapefruit

Fruit Roll-Ups

a great breakfast alternative using pizza dough and seasonal fruit!

Thai Inspired Recipes with Peaches

Korey kooks with peaches on CTV Ottawa Morning Live