June 14 2018 - Father's Day Gift

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Craft and small batch breweries are starting to get creative and produce unique beers that pair perfectly with classic barbecue, containing ingredients like barley and spices that directly enhance the flavour and character of grilled dishes.

Looking for the perfect brew to pair with barbecue? Experts at Napoleon Grills offer the following tips when selecting beers to compliment grilled dishes:

• Select beers with flavour notes that are similar to your signature grilled dish. Lighter Pale Ales and Wheat Beer typically pair well with citrus marinades and grilled fruits. Full-bodied Stouts and Dunkels compliment richer red meats and bold barbecue glazes. 
• Select beers with flavour notes that contrast your signature grilled dish to create a unique tasting experience.  Sweeter Amber Ales and Porter Beers will pair and enliven dishes high in salt and spice.
• Start barbecue meals off with lighter beers and transition into darker beers as you move through the courses. Beershould reflect the arc of the meal it is paired with, therefore choose a lighter beer for salads and appetizers and a darker beer for mains.
• Serve beer at the appropriate temperature to maximize flavour. Most brews are best served at approximately 7°C (45°F), however it is important to research ahead of time what works best for your pairing.

For more info go to www.naploeongrills.com

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