Pizza Pide oh My!



Fire up the grill....but first!

Every Spring I uncover my BBQ and hope that winter hasn't been too cruel to one of my favourite cooking friends....unfortunately this year my buddy was pretty beaten up! I decided that it was time to upgrade and get myself a long coveted NAPOLEON grill...(I love seeing the huge headquarters along the highway in Barrie...Ontario) While reading about how to best care for my PRO500 I learned a few tips along the way. I feel like I have a fresh start to my BBQing career and here are some tips to help us all grill like pros!

Korey Kealey

Founder of Kitchen Konnected & Culinary Expert

Named "Mompreneur" by the Globe and Mail, the mother of three is a spokeswoman for companies and products that promote health and wellness. Korey can often be seen whipping up quick, healthy meals on local and national television, delivering her down-to-earth style of cooking and recipe creation.